Bar of Soap Activity

You’re probably thinking…

“What the hell is this? I’m trying to get better and you’re telling me to go buy soap?”

This is something we’ve done in every single one of our groups and in every program we’ve created since 2007.

The idea behind this is to find joy and be present in all the moments of your life. Even something as simple as picking out a soap you love.

  • Picking out something that is only for you.
  • Picking out something because you can.

Go to the grocery store or a bath and body shop or wellness shop like Kiehls. Find the soap aisle and pick out a bar of soap that you love. Spend a few minutes deciding which smells you like. Get something that makes you feel good and lifts your spirits.

This is also going to be important for Session Two about Survival.

In the comments down below, describe the soap you chose. Describe how it smells. Why did you pick it? What color is it? Is it rough or smooth?

Try to find something that is invigorating… that has a punch to it… that will wake you up and get you ready to meet the day.

Part of recovery is getting into the moment and recognizing the blessings of the simplest things.

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